Addiction is a complex illness with many characteristics and underlying causes and conditions. However, there ARE always underlying causes and conditions. It is why a person cannot just treat the physical aspect of addition and hope to be okay. It is typically why just getting a physical detox is never enough to treat an addiction. It is often the reason for relapse, because if the addict or alcoholic does not identify and treat those underlying issues they will continue to go back to abuse the substances that they had in the past. Why? Because the discomfort of sobriety and staying clean will drive the person back to the ease, comfort, numbness and other feelings that allow them to cope with the underlying issues. We do not treat bronchitis by suppressing just the cough but instead by treating the root cause of the infection. In the same manner, addiction is actually a symptom of greater underlying issues and we cannot just treat the symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse but rather we need to treat the underlying causes and conditions if there is to be any hope of sustainable recovery.

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