October 15, 1984 Mr. Lemoine realized that he had a calling to help others who suffered from addiction. His entry into coaching began with an encounter with an individual that asked for help to eliminate their desire for the use of chemicals to make them feel better. Mr. Lemoine responded that it was not the drugs, it was the inability to stay in reality and to live life on life’s terms. From this beginning, it was apparent that the interaction with others would fuel his passion for helping others find a new way of life.

Soon after the initial contact, Mr. Lemoine began to visit people incarcerated and carry a message of hope to those who could not engage in programs of rehabilitation ‘outside the walls’. His message has always remained simple: Desire to stay clean 51% of the time and recovery from addiction is possible.

As Mr. Lemoine continued to volunteer his service, his relationships with others took on a new meaning and he began to be invited to speak at gatherings to tell his story.

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